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10 Best Body Scrubs

Body scrubs help exfoliate the skin and promote a healthy glow, and choosing one of the 10 best body scrubs makes a big difference in the results that a person is able to achieve. Some body scrubs make use of organic or all-natural ingredients, while others have added man-made factors to help strengthen or heal the skin. Body scrubs are typically used during a bath or shower, and they can be a nice way for a person to treat themselves at home instead of going to a spa. These are 10 of the best body scrubs available for use in the home or when traveling.

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1. M3 Naturals Activated Charcoal Scrub

M3 Naturals Activated Charcoal Scrub Infused with Collagen and Stem Cell All Natural Body and Face Skin Care Exfoliating Blackheads Acne Scars Pore Minimizer Reduces Wrinkles Anti Cellulite12 OZ best body scrub

This affordable M3 Naturals activated charcoal scrub is designed to get rid of problems such as blackheads. The product is infused with sea salt from the Dead Sea, collagen and stem cells. It does this by removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores. It also absorbs some of the excess oils that accumulate around areas of the chin, forehead, and nose. This scrub reduces the appearance of pores and may lessen the appearance of wrinkles. Although it goes on a deep black, it rinses off and does not stain towels, washcloths or clothing.

2. Asutra Organic Exfoliating Body Scrub

Asutra, Organic Exfoliating Body Scrub, Vitamin C, 100% Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub, Ultra Hydrating and Moisturizing Scrub, Skin Smoothing Jojoba, Sweet Almond, and Argan Oils, 12 oz. Jar best body scrub

As a cheap exfoliating treatment, this Asutra organic body scrub is infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E oil for moisturizing. It also contains vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. The vitamin C is able to repair damage to the skin caused by environmental pollutants and the sun. It has Himalayan sea salt for exfoliating the skin. It both smooths and moisturizes the skin. The natural scent from grapefruit essential oil also functions as a type of aromatherapy within the salt scrub. Grapefruit essential oil is also known for its antioxidant effects at repairing the skin from within.

3. Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Body Scrub - Great as Face Scrub & Exfoliating Body Scrub, Stretch Marks, Foot Scrub, Great Gifts For Women - 10 oz best body scrub

Enjoy a low-cost sugar scrub with this Brooklyn Botany product. It uses brown sugar granules to scrub dead skin away from the body. It is 100 percent brown sugar granules, making it a safe and natural product. It has no added scents or other products, so it is a good option for anyone with sensitive skin. This scrub has a naturally sweet smell, and it easily rinses away. Leave it on the face for several minutes in order to enhance its exfoliating properties. It could also be used to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. This scrub also helps get rid of clogged pores that trigger acne outbreaks. Use this anywhere on the body where there is a buildup of dead skin.

4. Majestic Pure Sweet Orange Body Scrub

Majestic Pure Sweet Orange Body Scrub - Exfoliates, Moisturizes, and Nourishes Skin, 10 oz best body scrub

Essential orange oil combined with sea salt exfoliate the body in this Majestic pure sweet orange body scrub. It also functions as a cellulite scrub by toning and firming the skin in areas where cellulite has developed. The natural ingredients include organic aloe vera and avocado for healing dry and flaky skin. Sweet almond, soybean and jojoba oils offer moisturizing effects. The vitamin C also heals flaws in the skin and removes impurities left behind by smoggy air or exposure to chemicals from cleaning or cooking. This scrub is designed for use on the entire body, and it can also be used on the face.

5. Matcha Green Tea Exfoliating Body Scrub

Matcha Green Tea Exfoliating Body Scrub - Multi Purpose Body and Facial Scrub Moisturizes and Nourishes Face and Skin - Reduce Inflammation - Great Gifts For Women - 10 oz - Brooklyn Botany best body scrub

Reduce inflammation of the skin with this matcha green tea exfoliating body scrub by Brooklyn Botany. It features green tea extract, which heals flaws and damage in the outer layers of skin. The salt in this scrub offers exfoliation, allowing the newer and healthier skin to be seen. Exfoliating sea salt also gives the circulation a boost. This increases nourishment to the skin and improves overall skin tone. Peppermint oil infused into the salt delivers a fresh scent and tingly sensation. Use this anywhere on the body that has a buildup of flaky or thick skin, including the soles of the feet, ankles, and elbows.

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6. Majestic Pure Watermelon Body Scrub

Majestic Pure Watermelon Body Scrub - Age Defying - Exfoliates, Hydrates, and Moisturizes Skin, 10 oz best body scrub

Hydrate the skin with this cheap Majestic Pure watermelon body scrub. Its ingredients include dead sea salt for exfoliation of dead skin cells. For moisturizing, it includes organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil and aloe vera juice. The watermelon powder adds essential minerals and vitamins to the skin. This powder also has a light, natural smell for a refreshing spa treatment at home. Its spinach extract and vitamin C heal damage such as fine wrinkles, creating a smoother appearance to the skin.

7. Majestic Pure Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub by Majestic Pure - Infused with Aromatic Oils Exfoliates and Helps Conceal Stretch best body scrub

Conceal frustrating stretch marks with this Majestic Pure dead sea salt body scrub. This simple yet effective scrub features sea salt collected from the Dead Sea. The salt is infused with aromatic oils including geranium, orange and eucalyptus essence. These essential oils provide healing and energizing effects. The eucalyptus also confers antiseptic properties, decreasing the number of bacteria on the skin. Almond, wheat germ and sesame oils provide moisture to the skin.

8. Natural Arabica Coffee Body Scrub

100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub with Organic Coffee, Coconut and Shea Butter - Best Acne, Anti Cellulite and Stretch Mark treatment, Spider Vein Therapy for Varicose Veins & Eczema 10 oz best body scrub

This coffee body scrub features organic ingredients. This body scrub also aids in toning and smoothing the skin. Use it anywhere on the body in order to get rid of stretch marks, cellulite or acne. It may also diminish the appearance of wrinkles. The coffee invigorates, and the sea salt exfoliates the skin.

9. Nourish Beaute Body Scrub

Nourish Beaute Organic Sugar Body Scrub That Exfoliates, Hydrates and Moisturizes Skin While Improving Skin Tone and Texture, 8 oz Coconut best body scrub

This affordable Nourish Beaute body scrub is made of 100 percent coconut sugar. Its organic ingredients promote exfoliation, clear and more toned skin. This scrub also has vitamin E oil, which moisturizes and heals small flaws such as scars and pits from acne. This is an ideal scrub to use on callused areas of the feet and areas of the face that are frequently exposed to the sun.

10. Chic Republic Organic Charcoal Body Scrub

ORGANIC Charcoal Body Scrub | Exfoliating Face Scrub | Sugar Body Scrub best body scrub for Blackheads, Acne, Cellulite, Scars | Made with Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil

As a low-cost body scrub, this contains charcoal for cleansing the skin. The organic coconut oil and shea butter moisturize, and grapeseed oil removes bacteria that cause acne. It is cruelty-free and paraben-free. This creates an overall smooth appearance to the skin, making it one of the 10 best body scrubs for people with very dry or rough skin.

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By BCR Staff

June 2019

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