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10 Best Beard Oils

Beards, no matter what kind you wear, can get itchy, greasy, and otherwise dirty. They are, after all, hair, and they require the same kind of care and attention as the hair on the other side of your head. The skin under your beard needs conditioning, too, because it can become dry, flaky, and sore, especially if your beard itches by being unclean, forcing you to scratch. So, whether you have a Van Dyke, goatee, mutton chops, or even an Old Dutch full beard, these 10 beard products are the best of a wide variety of treatment options.

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1. Jack Black Beard Oil

JACK BLACK – Beard Oil – PureScience Formula, Helps Prevent Dry, Itchy Skin, Fast-Absorbing Natural Oils, Lightly Scented with Botanicals and Essential Oils, Certified Organic Ingredients, 1 oz.

This oil prevents dry, itchy skin and replenishes moisture to your facial hair. The oil contains necessary vitamins and antioxidants for optimal facial skin and hair health. It’s tastefully scented, too, so both you and the one to whom you get close can enjoy the wafting aroma. All it takes is two or three small dollops in your palm, which you then rub gently into your beard from bottom to top.

2. Beardcraft Natural Beard Oil

Beard Growth Oil - USA Made Natural Essence (30ml) - Mustache Softener Oil - Promotes Growth, Fuller and Thicker Beard & Mustache - Unscented Leave-in Conditioner

This oil is 100-percent organic and fragrance-free. It moisturizes the skin and beard and conditions the hair to a glossy shine. The argan oil that’s contained therein has been a men’s cosmetic in Morocco for centuries, and the oil is still largely made the traditional way, which includes weeks in a barrel and double filtering to remove foreign particles. Beardcraft gives its customers a 100-percent money back guarantee, too, so you can purchase this excellent product with no worries.

3. Prophet and Tools Three Beard Oils Set, Deluxe Edition

DELUXE EDITION 3 Beard Oils Set: Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Unscented - USA's TOP FAVORITE! Conditioner, Softener, Shine and Thicker Beard Growth - NUTS-FREE, VEGAN & HALAL! Prophet and Tools

This set contains an unscented bottle, a cedar wood bottle, and a sandalwood bottle. The oils are infused with extra nutrients and are guaranteed to produce a full, shiny beard of healthy hair with revitalized skin underneath. The oils are also hypoallergenic, and their properties prevent thinning beard hair and itchy, flaky skin. This deluxe edition makes a nifty beard oil gift set for the dapper gentleman or man about town.

4. Nutra Champs Prime Beard Natural Beard Growth Vitamins

Prime Beard Beard Growth Vitamins Supplement for Men - Thicker, Fuller, Manlier Hair - Scientifically Designed Pills with Biotin, Collagen, Zinc & More! - for All Facial Hair Types - Veggie Capsules

The all-natural ingredients in this premium product are great for sensitive skin. The ingredients form a combination that suits many different kinds of skin and hair texture. There are more than 20 vitamins, emollients, and other healthful kinds of stuff in the capsules, so you can feel the difference in your skin and beard no matter the style you grow. The effectiveness of the oil is especially important to black men because of their propensity for razor bumps.

5. Viking Revolution All Natural Beard Oil Conditioiner with Cedar Wood and Pine Scent with Organic Argan and Jojoba Oils

Beard Oil Conditioner - All Natural Cedarwood & Pine Scent with Organic Argan & Jojoba Oils - Softens & Strengthens Beards and Mustaches for Men â¦

If you’re planning on going from a wild beard like a Shenandoah to a cultured one, like a chinstrap, then you can keep your recalcitrant facial hair under control with this oil. The argan and jojoba oils also soothe your skin, particularly when it comes to shaving off vast portions of your beard. The cedar and pine scents are mild and pleasant. For your peace of mind, Viking Revolution guarantees its product.

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6. Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit for Men

Beard Care Kit for Men- Sandalwood- Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit includes 100% Boar Beard Brush, Wood Beard Comb, Sandalwood Beard Balm, Sandalwood Beard Oil, Beard & Mustache Scissors- Metal Gift Box

If you need more than Viking Revolution’s excellent oils, then this kit is for you. Aside from the neat metal tin, the kit contains a bottle of sandalwood beard oil, a double-sided beard comb with different bristles on each side, a wooden boar’s hair beard brush, beard scissors, and a bottle of sandalwood beard styling balm. From Old Dutch to soul patch, you can maintain every beard style with this kit.

7. Leven Rose 100-Percent Pure Organic Ranger Beard Oil

Fragrance Free Beard Oil & Leave In Conditioner, 100% Pure Natural for Groomed Beards, Mustaches, and Moisturized Skin 1 oz by Ranger Grooming Co by Leven Rose (Beard Oil)

This beard oil is not only organic but also green in its manufacture. It’s fragrance free, so you can make your statement with your look instead of your smell. The only two ingredients are argan and jojoba oils, both of which have been well-known for their cosmetic qualities for hundreds of years. Say good-bye to dry, flaky skin and crispy, uncomfortable hair when you use this product. This oil has been featured in GQ magazine, and Leven Rose backs it with a 100-percent money-back guarantee.

8. Mountaineer 100-Percent All-Natural Beard Oil

Beard Oil by Mountaineer Brand, WV Timber, Scented with Cedarwood and Fir Needle, Conditioning Oil, 2 oz bottle

If you’re an outdoorsy type, then this beard oil is the right choice. There are no artificial scents included. The oil, which is made in America, is lightly infused with pine, cedar, and a hint of eucalyptus. Get a taste of the wild every morning even in your bathroom. The oil moisturizes your skin and enlivens your beard growth. Unlike many other beard oil products, Mountaineer includes 2 fluid ounces instead of 1.

9. Lather & Wood Shaving Company Ultra-Moisturizer Beard Oil For Men

Ultra-Moisturizer Beard Oil For Men - Premium Blend - Spill-proof Pump - Original Scent is a Crisp Forest Ambience of Eucalyptus, Mint, and Lavender - Organic Hazelnut, Jojoba, Argan, Grapeseed Oils

To promote beard growth with natural beard oil, you can’t go wrong with Lather & Wood Shaving Company. Their oil adds hazelnut extract to a winning combination of argan and jojoba oils, and the wisp of a scent includes woodsy smells like eucalyptus, mint, and lavender. The oil also contains aloe for its skin-healing properties. Although the bottle contains only 1 ounce, it has an antispill dispenser to maximize every drop.

10. Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner - Made with only Natural and Organic Ingredients - 2 Ounce Tin

The Amish, with their famous Shenandoah beards, have good reason to make good beard-care products. When caring for a beard that can be much more than a foot long, it’s imperative to keep the hair moisturized and well-groomed. This leave-in conditioner not only helps control a massive beard, but it also stops “beard-ruff,” or flaky skin that is both uncomfortable and unsightly. Best of all, it instantly tames the incessant itch that comes from working and sweating all day.

Keep your beard in tip-top shape with any of these sensational products!

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