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10 Best Baby Rattles

Nothing beats the adorable smile on the chubby face of a baby. That smile can melt your heart and make you forget about everything else in your life. The same cannot be said of a screaming or crying baby. You can reach for diapers, grab a bottle and go down your mental checklist of anything that might be wrong and still not find a way to soothe that infant. An easy way to calm that baby and make your child smile again is with a rattle. The following list of the best baby rattles will help you find some great options for your child.

1. Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

Fisher-Price Rattle 'n Rock Maracas, Blue/Orange

Interactive toys are great for babies because those products help them develop good hand to eye coordination. Fisher-Price makes this rattle set, which looks like maracas and functions as an interactive toy set. Each rattle has small balls inside the handles that make noise as a baby shakes them. The handles have a curved design that babies can easily grasp too. Many kids also like the bright orange and blue colors of the rattles.

2. NextX Baby Rattles

NextX Baby Rattles, Infant Teething Toys Teethers Key, Baby Bathtime Fun Toys with Musical Sound

Parents looking for a cheap baby rattle will love this set, which is affordable and comes with nine different toys. Three of those toys are rattles that have thin handles for kids to grasp and beads inside the rattle and make noise as they play. The set also comes with three toys that are safe to use during bath time and three teething toys. As your baby gets his or her first teeth, you can rest assured that the toys help soothe achy gums.

3. Sassy Flip & Grip Rattle

Sassy Flip & Grip Rattle | Value 2 Pack | Developmental Toy with Rattle Beads | Spinning Discs with Mirror | For Ages 3 Months and Up

The makers of this rattle set chose bright colors that catch the eyes of babies and added textured grips to each handle. Those grips encourage babies to hold onto the handles and explore the different textures. Many kids also like the spinning discs inside that have a mirror on one side. As they shake and turn the rattles, they never know what they might see. This set comes with two rattles: one in blue and purple and one in green and yellow.

4. Growbabygrow Newborn Baby Rattle Feet Socks

growbabygrow Newborn Baby Rattle Feet Cotton Terry Socks for 0-12months (1Pair Flower/Butterfly)

One of the more unique baby rattles that you’ll come across is this one, which looks like a pair of socks and functions as a rattle. The socks come in different colors and designs that are suitable for both boys and girls. You’ll find that the socks fit comfortably on your baby’s feet and that the fabric remains smooth against the skin. Each sock has a built-in rattle that produces noise as your child moves. The socks are machine washable too.

5. Organic Wood Montessori Styled Baby Rattle by Homi Baby

Organic Wood Montessori Styled Baby Rattle by Homi Baby - Perfect Grasping Teething Toy for Toddlers - Handmade in the USA - Sealed with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (Natural)

If you have your heart set on your child attending a Montessori school, you might like this natural baby rattle. Made from real wood, the manufacturer sands down that wood to prevent splinters and other injuries. They then seal the wood with natural and organic coconut oil to create a smooth and durable surface. You can add a little oil of your own to restore the finish later if needed. This rattle is great for playtime but is soft enough for use as a teething toy. It won’t cause damage to your child’s gums or emerging teeth.

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6. Baby Einstein Octopus Activity Arms Toy

Baby Einstein Activity Arms Toy, Octopus

One of the most adorable baby rattles around is this one, which looks like a friendly octopus. As a plush baby rattle, it’s soft enough that your baby can sleep with it every night and play with it during the day. It functions as an interactive toy because the octopus has tentacles with toys attached, including a set of plastic keys and a rattle. Parents like that it has a clip on the top for attaching the rattle to a stroller or car seat.

7. EFOSHM Baby Rattles Set

EFOSHM 10PCS Baby Rattles Teether Set, Grasping Grab Toy, Spin Shaking Bell, Sensory Teether Rattle, Boiled Disinfection BPA Set for Infant Newborn Baby Toddler

Perfect for first-time parents, this rattle set is a great addition to any nursery. It comes with an impressive 10 toys that can help babies improve their motor functions and hand to eye coordination. The toys all use a soft material that kids can chew on without injuring their mouths, and you can boil those toys at a temperature of up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit to sanitize them. All the toys fit conveniently inside an included storage case, which has a handle on top for carrying.

8. Itsy Glitzy Fawn Mary Meyer Baby Rattle

Mary Meyer Baby Rattle, Itsy Glitzy Fawn

Boys and girls will both like this plush rattle, which combines everything they love about rattles and stuffed animals. This adorable deer measures six inches and use soft shades of brown, pink and gold. A hole in the center of the plush is just the right size for little hands to slip through. Kids can hold onto the toy and shake it to hear the sounds that it makes. You can surface wash the rattle to make it last longer.

9. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Parents searching for a Montessori baby rattle who want to help their children develop will like this Baby Einstein rattle. It has a handle on one side with rings that kids can move up and down, but it also has a built-in music player. Depending on how they shake and use the toy, kids can listen to seven different songs. Both the music and the light features run on two AA batteries. You have control over the volume of that music too.

10. Areaware Harmony Ball Barbell Rattle Silver

One of the most elegant and expensive baby rattles that money can buy is this barbell rattle, which uses real German silver. The barbell design is easy for babies to grasp and hold as they play. It comes already packaged inside a presentation box, which makes it easy to give this gift to the new baby in your life.

Bonus: 11. GoaPly Baby Rattle

GoaPly Baby Rattle,Baby Wrist Rattles and Foot Finder Set Sock Toys[4 PCS],Developmental Soft Animal Rattles Infant Baby Toys,Educational Development Soft Animal Toy Shower Gift(Puppy and Piggy)

With four rattles included in this set, kids will never run out of ways to have fun. Two of those rattles feature Velcro straps that you can adjust to place them on your baby’s arms or legs. The other fit over their feet and function as socks. All the included pieces have plush animal faces with rattles hidden inside that make noise as your child crawls and moves.

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