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10 Best Baby Bibs

Do you know where to find the best baby bibs? First-time parents have a lot on their minds, and bibs probably aren’t a priority at first. By the time your little bundle of joy is a couple of weeks old, however, the importance of finding quality bibs becomes clear. As your baby starts teething and eating solid foods, bib needs evolve. This list will help you find the best baby bib for each stage of infancy and toddlerhood.

1. Happy Healthy Parent Waterproof Silicone Bib

Waterproof Silicone Bib Easily Wipes Clean! Comfortable Soft Baby Bibs Keep Stains Off! Spend Less Time Cleaning After Meals with Babies or Toddlers! Set of 2 Colors (Pink/Purple)

These food grade silicone baby bibs can be rinsed off with water, or washed easily with dish soap; you do not need to throw them in the washing machine like cloth bibs, and they don’t stain readily. Each set includes two bibs that can be rolled up and tossed into a purse or diaper bag for snacks and meals on the go. The pouch at the bottom of the bib works to keep kids much cleaner because food isn’t falling onto their shirt or into their laps. These silicone bibs are the most useful for kids who are eating solid food, but they do have an adjustable neckband for a great fit at different ages.

2. Luvable Friends 10-Pack Baby Bib Value Pack

Luvable Friends 10-Pack Baby Bibs, Value Pack!, Blue & Orange Colors

Young infants and those who have started teething need soft, absorbent bibs. The classic shape will protect their chests from the wetness of persistent drool. This large, ten-piece value pack meets the need for parents who are looking for a cheap baby bib that can be tossed into the wash after it is soiled, with a fresh one ready to be put on.

3. Bumkins SuperBib

Bumkins SuperBib, Baby Bib, Waterproof, Washable, Stain and Odor Resistant, 6-24 Months, 3-Pack - Feathers, Quill, Arrows

For infants aged six months to two years, these adorable bibs meet the need for the baby who is still teething and drooling, as well as experimenting with solid food. The waterproof fabric protects baby from wetness, thereby avoiding a chest rash, and the pocket catches crumbs or food bits that may fall down into her lap. Its large size makes it useful for children of various ages. Bumkins bibs avoid stains because there is no cotton layer. You have the option of wiping them clean or throw them in the washing machine.

4. Yoofoos Bandanna Baby Bib Multipack

Baby Bibs Bandana Bibs for Boys and Girls, Drool Bibs for Toddler Teething 8 Pack by YOOFOSS (Boys)

This pack includes eight organic baby bibs in eight different prints. More stylish than the boxy traditional bib, bandanna bibs are popular for teething babies who need a drool bib. The ink and cotton polyester blend is hypoallergenic, and the multi-layer construction is highly absorbent. Designed for younger infants, there are adjustable snaps to allow baby a little room to grow, without sizing out of these cute and useful bibs.

5. Neat Solutions Multi-Color Solid Knit Terry Feeder Bib

Neat Solutions 8 Pack Multi-Color Solid Knit Terry Feeder Bib, Girl

These solid color bibs are excellent for the crafty mom or gift giver who embroiders. They can easily be personalized for the baby in your life with monogramming, or even adding iron on decals. Ideal for younger babies who are drooling or spitting up often, these bibs are absorbent, with a hook and loop closure on the back of the neck. This pack of eight will come in handy as they need to be changed throughout the day.

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6. Upsimples Bandanna Bib Multi-Pack

10-Pack Baby Bandana Bibs Upsimples Baby Girl Bibs for Drooling and Teething, 100% Organic Cotton and Super Absorbent Hypoallergenic Bibs Baby Shower Gift - “Blossom Set”

These bandanna shaped bibs are made from an organic cotton polyester blend, with hypoallergenic ink and two nickel-free snaps to protect baby’s sensitive skin. These absorbent bibs come in a ten pack, and each bib has a different print. You can accessorize with other items in the product line like pacifier clips, that match the bib prints.

7. Kiddy Star Organic Toddler Bibs

Premium, Organic Cotton Toddler Bibs, Unisex 5-Pack Extra Large Baby Bibs for Boys and Girls by KiddyStar, Baby Shower Gift for Feeding, Drooling, Teething, Adjustable 5 Positions (Bears & Whales)

Some of the cutest baby bibs out there, this set comes with five unisex printed bibs made from organic, hypoallergenic fabric, backed with water-resistant polyester. These over-sized bibs will protect babies and toddlers from messes while keeping them looking stylish. Free of harmful chemicals, you don’t have to worry about baby wearing these bibs for the better part of each day.

8. Avauma Baby Drool Teething Scarf Bib

Baby Drool Bibs Fall Winter Unisex Girl Boy Drooling and Teething Absorbent (5-Pack Polka Dot)

These are unique looking bibs that mimic the shape of a large shirt collar, with cute unisex patterns. The teething scarfs come in a five pack of different colors with a polka dot design. Made from absorbent, hypoallergenic cotton, these bibs lay flat without bunching up as other shaped bibs can.

9. Aden + Anais Snap Bib

aden + anais Snap Bib, 100% Cotton Muslin, Soft Absorbent 3 Layers, Adjustable, 9” X 13”, 3 Pack (Forest Fantasy)

This pack includes three over-sized bibs that are each twelve inches across. They snap at the shoulder instead of behind the baby’s neck, which makes fastening them faster and easier. They have a cute forest fantasy print, and the three soft cotton muslin layers are very absorbent. These bibs come prewashed, so they won’t shrink or pill after you toss them in the wash for the first time.

10. Indi by Kishu Baby Organic Infinity Scarf Bib

Indi by Kishu Baby - Girl Bibs - Organic Infinity Scarf Bib for Girls with Snaps - 100% Organic Cotton Muslin - 3 Luxuriously Soft, Solid Color Drool Bibs for Teething Babies

These solid colored bibs are a unique shape that will function as a bib while not getting in your toddler’s way while she’s playing. The infinity scarf shape blends in with your child’s outfit and is reversible if they get soiled while you’re out of the house. Made of eight layers of non-GMO, organic cotton, these hypoallergenic bibs are subtly stylish and environmentally friendly.

11. Bonus Recommendation! AllGoodBaby Feeding Set with Silicone Bibs

Baby & Toddler Feeding Set - 2 Pocket Food Catching Bibs, 2 Spoons, Placemat Suction Plate & Bowl | BPA Free Silicone | Safe for Children | Waterproof Spill Resistant Easy Cleaning

If you’re looking for a bib set that also has matching utensils plus a suction plate and bowl, this is a great option. The silicone material makes clean up fast and easy because most things can be rinsed off with warm, soapy water. The suction bottom on the plate and bowl are great for toddlers who are experimenting with gravity and sometimes push their meals off the table’s edge. Teething babies also might like to chew on these items, and that’s ok because they’re non-toxic and BPA free.

Have you found the best baby bibs yet? Hopefully, this list has given you some good ideas for outfitting your infant or toddler with an age-appropriate bib that will help alleviate some of the messes that come along with teething and learning to eat solid food.

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