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Baby Products

BCR Baby productsWelcoming your newborn into the family is a beautiful and miraculous moment. After 40 long weeks, you’re overjoyed to finally hold your beautiful baby girl or boy. However, you’re likely also overwhelmed at now being responsible for this precious infant you cherish. New parents always worry about how to protect and provide for their little one. Luckily, that’s where Best Choice Reviews comes in to help. Our premier website offers stress-busting guides to the best baby gear online. It’s our mission to provide well-researched advice on safe, stylish products for your beloved baby.

Each infant needs certain essentials to thrive. From diapers to car seats, parents scramble to buy everything before and after their baby arrives. Among the biggest baby brands are Pampers, Gerber, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, and Graco. These companies and more have entire baby product lines to choose from. Thus, Best Choice Reviews makes it our duty to help moms and dads sort through the surplus of options sold by these and other companies.

Benefits of Buying Baby Products Online

Years ago, the only way to stock up on bibs and blankets was to physically visit a store. Today, the Internet puts baby products only a mouse click away. That’s great for tired new parents still anxious about leaving their sweetie with a sitter. Shopping via computer is easier than walking crying babies in carriers through stores, too. Instead, you can access retailers online while bouncing your baby on your lap. One-stop online shops make it simple to fill up your cart with rattles, onesies, breast pumps, and more. Perhaps that’s why e-commerce grew 15 percent in 2018 alone. Our product reviews lead to trusted websites for fast, hassle-free purchases from the comfort of home.

Moreover, virtual shopping can actually be more secure than in-person shopping. Criminal hackers find it more profitable to steal information from physical credit cards because the value of data on your card’s magnetic strip is worth 10x on the fraud market. Entering your card number at checkout shouldn’t be terrifying if there’s SSL encryption. New parents have enough to worry about without scams and intrusions. We’ll only reference products from bath tubs to nail trimmers on legitimate sites like Amazon.

Preparing for Baby with Quality Online Purchases

Expanding your loving family is a costly endeavor. In 2017, Money magazine published $233,610 as the mean total price of raising a child. During the baby’s first year, parents spend just over $12,500 on average. Hence, it’s important to search for bargains that maximize your budget. Getting the best bang for your buck is our goal at Best Choice Reviews. Our panel of trained researchers looks for superior baby gear at the lowest prices available. The BCR staff surveys the huge baby care market on your behalf to maximum the value of your investments. Along the way, we determine the finest newborn products by quite a few factors, such as:

Safety: Babies are tiny beings who are very vulnerable. Given that, we prioritize safety standards when analyzing online baby products. Our informed team looks for certified non-toxic products without potentially harmful chemicals. For example, we’ll only highlight baby toys that are free of dangerous phthalates. Our review on crib mattresses only includes flame retardant fabrics. We strongly prefer baby essentials certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) or Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Similarly, we seek baby equipment with built-in security features. Baby gates, swings, high chairs, bouncers, etc. must be assembled for the utmost safety.

Durability: Picking baby gear that will last throughout the early childhood years is key. Best Choice Reviews therefore studies how reliable each product is. To explain, our team researching top strollers would look for durable materials that can withstand miles of outdoor excursions. The best cribs will have strong hardware that’s practical, safe, and aesthetic. Clothes must be able to withstand a wiggling baby and frequent stains. Whether your child is two weeks or two years old, our recommended products should function as new. To judge durability, our crew pores over product specs so you don’t have to.

Innovation: Technology has advanced greatly to make raising a baby easier. Ergo, the BCR staff loves finding high-tech innovations that are revolutionizing the market. For instance, we’ve investigated computer baby monitors with webcam features to watch your napping tot. Our researchers have found smart, app-enabled car seats that ensure babies won’t be mistakenly left behind. Digital iPhone or Android apps are also abundant for youngsters to listen to children’s books and learn the basics. Our guides strive to help you harness the latest tech power in your parenting.

Find Everything Your Bundle of Joy Needs Now

Now’s the perfect time to start scrolling through the Best Choice Reviews website. If you’re a first-time parent, our unbiased reviews will point you in the right direction to your baby checklist items. If you’re expectant again, our website can still inform you of what’s new and fabulous on the fast-changing market. Even if you’re only searching for a stellar baby shower gift, we want to help. The BCR staff will continually add new feature articles outlining the “top 10” baby products in several categories. From changing tables to diaper bags, we’ve got baby’s every need covered. Please click whichever link you like below for terrific, tested online items that ensure newborn well-being.