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Top 10 Steering Wheel Covers

This list will cover the top 10 steering wheel covers of 2019.

When you want a quick makeover for your vehicle, steering wheel covers are an affordable way to go. These covers slip over the wheel, adding a pop of color and pattern and giving the interior a facelift. Choose from a wide variety of designs and materials, from classic black leather to plush, fuzzy prints. If your steering wheel is torn or faded, a cover is a cheap way to cover the damage. As you figure out which cover is best for your car, be sure to check the size, fit, and style. It’s also helpful to consider the interior temperatures; on a hot day, a stay-cool cover can protect your hands.

1. SEG Direct Universal Cover

Give your car a sporty makeover with this SEG Direct cover. With its universal design, this cover is made to fit over any 15-inch steering wheel. The multi-panel design comes in a variety of color schemes to match your vehicle’s interior. Made from microfiber leather, this cover feels ultra-soft and smooth under your hands. The material is heat resistant, so it’s easy on your bare skin on extremely cold or hot days. The back features a skid-proof design to prevent slipping as you steer.

SEG Direct Top 10 Steering Wheel Covers

2. Valleycomfy Universal 15 inch Cover

When you’re navigating tight turns, secure steering is a must, which is where this Valleycomfy steering wheel cover comes in. It’s manufactured with a non-skid backing, so it provides a constant grip as you drive. This is one of the best steering wheel covers on the market for a reason; the elegant design looks great in virtually all vehicles. The textured material helps you keep a tight hold on the wheel, and the optional accent colors add a subtle touch of personality.

Valleycomfy Top 10 Steering Wheel Covers

3. Universal Size AXX Wheelskins

This AXX Wheelskins steering wheel cover gives your car a luxurious look. Crafted from fine leather, this cover looks sleek and sophisticated. The patented lacing-hole system helps you fasten the cover securely on your steering wheel to ensure a stable, long-lasting hold. This model comes in a wide variety of solid colors, so you can match your upholstery or find a beautiful contrasting shade.

Wheelskins Top 10 Steering Wheel Covers

4. Vitodeco Odorless Steering Wheel Cover

Constructed from genuine leather, this Vitodeco steering wheel cover is a luxurious addition to your car. The exterior of the cover is finished with a dragon-scale texture that gives your interior a bit of an edge; it also helps you maintain a tight grip as you drive. The material is odorless, which is convenient if you or your passengers are sensitive to smells. The simple slip-on design installs in seconds on steering wheels that measure between 14.75 inches and 15.25 inches in diameter. Other sizes are also available.

Vitodeco Top 10 Steering Wheel Covers

5. New Diamond Steering Wheel Cover

If you like a bit of bling, this New Diamond style is one of the top steering wheel covers you can buy. The exterior is covered in crystal rhinestones that sparkle dramatically when the light hits them. As you drive, the crystal accents exert a soft pressure on your hands, encouraging blood flow and helping reduce fatigue during long road trips. The body of this cover is crafted from PU leather with elastic trim, so all you need to do is stretch it over the wheel for a snug fit.

ChuLian Top 10 Steering Wheel Covers

6. BOKIN Cover

Pamper your hands with this BOKIN steering wheel cover. It’s crafted from a blend of viscose and microfiber leather, so it resists temperature extremes — that means that in the summer, your hands don’t burn, and in the winter, they don’t freeze. The side sections feature a woven texture that helps you keep a tight grip on the wheel; the alternating smooth and textured pieces give your car an upscale look. Select from a range of color schemes to coordinate with your seat covers.

BOKIN Top 10 Steering Wheel Covers

7. NILE Anti-Slip Cover

Maintain your vehicle’s excellent handling with this NILE cover. The inside is lined with a thick layer of rubber, which adds a layer of softness to your steering wheel and keeps the material securely in place as you drive. The perforated exterior features a matte anti-slip finish that’s designed to promote a firm, stable grip during tight turns. Made from genuine cowhide leather, this cover brings a high-end look at an affordable price.

NILE Top 10 Steering Wheel Covers

8. SHAKAR Bohemian Style Steering Wheel Cover

If you’re in the market for cheap steering wheel covers, this SHAKAR model is a perfect choice. The exterior is printed with a tribal-inspired geometric design that instantly brightens your dashboard. The soft fabric exterior cushions your hands and keeps you warm when the temperatures drop. With its universal fit and elastic closure, this cover slips easily over all 15-inch steering wheels.

SHAKAR Top 10 Steering Wheel Covers

9. MLOVESIE Universal Cover

Update your car with a little 70s-style charm using this MLOVESIE steering wheel cover. Crafted from plush sheepskin wool, this model adds a fun, funky twist to your interior. The selection of solid colors makes it easy to find the right fit for your personality. With its thick pile, this cover is an easy way to keep your palms warm on winter mornings. Plus, since it’s breathable, the material resists moisture buildup for lasting freshness.

MLOVESIE Top 10 Steering Wheel Covers

10. Zadin Sunflower Steering Wheel Cover

When it comes to affordable steering wheel covers, it’s hard to beat this Zadin model. Brilliant yellow sunflowers dance across the fabric, bringing a fun, fresh vibe to your vehicle. The stretchy neoprene flexes to slip over your steering wheel and snaps into place to reduce the risk of slipping. Thick and soft, this cover insulates the surface of the wheel and creates a comfortable spot for your hands to rest.

Zadin Top 10 Steering Wheel Covers

A damaged or torn steering wheel can make steering uncomfortable. A cover creates a soft, smooth surface that protects your hands and makes it easier to control the car. As a bonus, steering wheel covers are an affordable way to redo the interior of your vehicle.



By BCR Staff

September 2019