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Top 10 Best Keyless Remote Starter Kits

If you live in an extremely hot or cold climate, you know that climbing into your car can be uncomfortable — and that’s why these top 10 keyless remote starter kits are so handy. Once installed, one of these terrific kits will enable you to start your vehicle with the push of a button. That way, you can give it time for the heat or air conditioning to kick in and make the cab more comfortable. Since a remote start system modifies the function of your car, it’s important to choose carefully. With the correct kit for your vehicle’s year, make, and model, you can enjoy seamless operation.

1. Compustar CS4900-S

Does your car have two drivers? If so, the Compustar CS4900-S remote start kit is a good choice. This unit comes with two key fobs, so you can have one for each of you. Each fob includes four buttons that enable you to start the car, operate the locks, and open the trunk. They work over a range of 3,000 feet, making it easy to start your car from inside the house, the office, or a business. Keep in mind that this model works only for vehicles with automatic transmissions.

Compustar CS4900-S 3000 ft top 10 remote car starters

2. Avital 4105L

One of the best keyless remote starter kits on the market, the Avital 4105L is an affordable way to upgrade your vehicle. This unit is engineered with a virtual tack system; it uses a converter that creates high-volume voltage sampling inside your car’s electrical system. Why does that matter? When you want to start your car remotely, you can do it without a tachometer wire. Instead, simply connect this system using the D2D serial data port. That means easier installation and longer-range starting.

Avital Top 10 Best Keyless Remote Starter Kits

3. GIORDON Remote Start Car Kit

This GIORDON remote start kit features a universal design, so you don’t have to worry about complicated compatibility specs. This unit comes with two remote-start key fobs — or, you can install the app on your Android phone and start your vehicle with the tap of a button. We love the automatic sensor feature; as you get close to the car, it unlocks the doors. As you walk away, the sensor locks them behind you for security.

GIORDON Top 10 Best Keyless Remote Starter Kits

4. Prestige APS997Z

One of the top keyless remote starter kits on the market, the Prestige APS997Z has you covered in almost any situation. The magic is in the long range; this unit can start your car from up to one mile away. That means that whether you’re in the mall or at work, it’s a breeze to get your engine running. This system even comes with a parking meter timer, so you always know when it’s time to feed the meter. Program the fobs for one or two users, and rely on the included antenna to ensure efficient performance.

Prestige Top 10 Best Keyless Remote Starter Kits

5. Compustar CS920-S

Looking for affordable keyless remote starter kits? It’s hard to do better than this Compustar CS920-S system. This kit comes with all of the supplies you need to modify your vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about finding additional parts. Use the two key fobs for two drivers, or keep one as a backup. Unlike Compustar’s 4900 model, this one has a shorter 1000-foot range so it’s best to use this remote start at lesser distances.  It’s engineered specifically for vehicles with automatic transmissions.

Compustar 2 Top 10 Best Keyless Remote Starter Kits

6. MPC Complete Remote Start Kit

If you have a Chevrolet Trailblazer that was released between 2002 and 2008, this MPC remote start kit is a good fit. This kit is engineered specifically for these models, which means that it delivers efficient, effective performance. In comparison to newer-model kits, this unit works only with a key-start ignition. Use the two included fobs to start the engine from afar; you can also pop the trunk. We love the programmable features, which enable you to set a timer — that way, your engine will turn off automatically to save fuel if you get delayed.

MPC Top 10 Best Keyless Remote Starter Kits

7. Compustar CS800-S

Enjoy easy remote starting with the Compustar CS800-S. This system features a one-way remote starter that works over a range of up to 1,000 feet; it’s a great choice for shorter-range operations. The included key fobs feature four buttons, so you can use them to replace your existing fob. That way, you can start the car, lock and unlock the doors, and even pop the trunk. This unit is compatible with standard and diesel engines; it’s also DroneMobile Ready for easy smartphone pairing.

Compustar 3 Top 10 Best Keyless Remote Starter Kits

8. BANVIE PKE Car Alarm System with Remote Engine Start

Are you looking for a remote start that also helps protect your vehicle? This BANVIE PKE system has you covered. It includes a basic alarm system that activates with a shock sensor or an unauthorized door opening. You’ll also get a push-button engine start and a passive keyless entry system to make your life even easier. That way, your car will unlock automatically and start without your key.

BANVIE Top 10 Best Keyless Remote Starter Kits


Are you looking to make your everyday life a bit more convenient? This EASYGUARD EC003-1 PKE might be the perfect option. This system includes a remote-start system; it also comes with a keyless entry system, so your car doors unlock as soon as you get close. That means that you never need to dig around for your keys. Once you get inside, use the included push-start button to start your engine without inserting the key into the ignition. We like that this kit is compatible with both manual and automatic vehicles.

EASYGUARD Top 10 Best Keyless Remote Starter Kits


When you’re in search of cheap keyless remote starter kits, look to this EASYGUARD EC004 package. Despite its affordable price, it’s packed with useful features. The car alarm helps reduce the risk of theft, and the convenient push-button ignition helps you start your vehicle with a quick touch. Want to start the car before you go outside? Just use the included remotes.

EASYGUARD 2 Top 10 Best Keyless Remote Starter Kits
When the weather is cold, climbing into your freezing car can be an uncomfortable experience. By installing keyless remote starter kits, you can start your car and give it time to warm up before you hit the road.


By BCR Staff
December 2019