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Top 10 Best Sewing Machines

Though there is something almost comforting about sitting down with a needle and thread to hem a pair of pants or fix a shirt, you know that larger projects would take forever with a needle and thread. Shopping for a new sewing machine often takes a lot of time and requires weeks of research on your part. An easier way to find the perfect sewing machine for your needs is with a look at some of the best machines available today. After looking at the top 10 sewing machines of 2015, you’re bound to find one that can handle all your jobs.

1. Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

Looking for a sewing machine that will do everything from button holes and mending to quilting and crafts? Look no further than the Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine. This sewing machine comes jam packed with all the settings you need for sewing and more. A small power button lets you turn the machine on and start using it without relying on a foot pedal, and it features more than 60 stitch settings built into the machine.

2. Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sew Affordable Sewing Machine


Brother found itself on the list again with this Free-Arm Sewing Machine. Designed for beginners who are new to the world of sewing and quilting, it comes with all the features that experts and professionals crave too. Automatic features let you slide the thread bobbin through the top and let the machine thread it before you start sewing. This sewing machine also features a small light that gives you a better view of your work.

3. SINGER 7258 Stylist Award-Winning 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

Sewing machines are sometimes so hard to use that you might give up on your projects, but this Singer sewing machine will change the way you feel about sewing. The auto pilot feature lets you use the included foot pedal or turn the pedal off and still have complete control over the machine’s speed. With 100 automatic stitch settings and an easy loading system, you can start using it in minutes after taking the machine out of the box.

4. SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

Singer finds itself on the list again with its 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine. Specifically designed for those projects that ordinary machines can’t handle, this one can easily stitch through muslin and other heavier fabrics. The metal frame is strong enough to withstand any type of sewing or quilting project, and the stainless steel bed plate lets you smoothly and easily push your fabric through for fast and even stitching.

5. Brother LS2125i Easy-to-Use, Everyday Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

Want a sewing machine that you can take with you when meeting with clients and doing projects outside of your home? This sewing machine from Brother has all the power and features that you desire but is lightweight enough for carrying. An automatic buttonhole feature lets you tell the machine what type of holes you need, and it also features several different stitch settings to make zigzag, hems and other types of stitches.

6. SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

Sewing Machien

Singer released this sewing machine for those who want professional stitches, but don’t have a lot of space. As it features its own built-in extension table, you can sew everything from pants to quilts without the use of a larger table. The sewing machines also has automatic settings that give you control over the speed of your sewing and the type of stitches that you use, without dealing with a foot pedal, and you can cut threads at the end of your project with a touch of a button.

7. Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

Take your sewing to the next level without spending a lot of extra money with this sewing machine from Brother. With 100 different built-in stitch settings, you can change the size of your stitches and switch between settings easily to hem clothing, make quilts and complete other craft projects. It also features a hidden compartment on the arm for storing thread and the other everyday accessories that you need.

8. Brother XM2701 Lightweight, Full-Featured Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

Fun and function come together in this small sewing machine from Brother, which has a unique floral design on the arm. Capable of doing hundreds of different projects, this sewing machine is great for keeping around the house, and as it’s lightweight, you can even carry it from room to room. Some of its top features include a drop-in bobbin that is resistant to jams, nearly 30 built-in stitches, an automatic buttonhole creator and an included instructional DVD.

9. SINGER 2259 Tradition Easy-to-Use Free-Arm 19-Stitch Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

Suitable for use throughout North America, this Singer sewing machine has the dependability that you need. An automatic buttonhole feature makes creating buttons a snap, and it comes with nearly 20 other automatic stitch settings that you can use when working on your crafts. Feet expander additions let you raise the sewing machine off your workspace when working with heavier and larger cuts of fabric or larger projects.

10. Michley Lil’ Sew & Sew LSS-505 Combo Mini Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

The Michley Lil’ Sew & Sew is a great choice for beginners and a great way to get kids excited about sewing. Though its size is perfect for kids, many adults find that it provides all the power they need for their advanced projects. A foot pedal lets you determine how fast you want the machine to work, and it comes with a thread bag for added storage. Use the built-in patterns to make finishing your projects even easier.

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