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Top 10 Best Must-Have Supplies For Sewing Enthusiasts

When you get started in the world of sewing, it takes time to build a collection of tools — and that’s where our list of the top 10 must-have supplies for sewing enthusiasts come in. With these basics, you will have all of the things you need to sew everything from clothing to curtains. Plus, since each one is designed for top performance, they can help you work efficiently and make the most of your sewing time. Buying a gift for your favorite seamstress? These tools make presents that are both thoughtful and useful. Best of all, these supplies work equally well for beginners and experienced crafters.

1. Brother Sewing Machine SE600

SE600 sewing machine is one of the best must-have supplies for sewing enthusiasts. This affordable machine comes with everything you need to start sewing. Use the large touchscreen to select from 103 stitches and complete a huge range of projects. If you’re thinking about getting into embroidery, this is a great place to start — it can create machine embroidery on areas up to four inches square. The included hoop and convenient computerized design options make it easy to customize your crafts.

Brother Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Sewing Enthusiasts

2. Fiskars Crafts 95237097J Rotary Sewing Cutting Set

Whether you’re sewing clothes or home decor, there’s one thing you’ll always need to do: cut fabric. That’s where this Fiskars cutting set comes in. It includes a rotary cutter, which uses a round blade to create smooth, continuous cuts. You’ll also get a self-healing mat that protects your table, as well as a ruler to help you make precise measurements. The ruler is clear, so you can lay it over your fabric and maintain visibility of cutting lines and print placement.

Fiskars Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Sewing Enthusiasts

3. SINGER 00557 ProSeries Detail Scissors

When you need to cut small pieces of fabric or crafting supplies, these Singer 00557 ProSeries detail scissors are a must. In fact, they’re one of the top must-have supplies for sewing enthusiasts. The secret is the small, finely pointed blades, which enable you to make tiny notches or cut around sharp corners with precision. The rubberized handles fit around your fingers without slipping, so it’s easier to negotiate complicated cutting lines.

SINGER Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Sewing Enthusiasts

4. SINGER 00564 ProSeries Thread Snips

As a sewist, you’ll need to cut many loose pieces of thread. That’s where these Singer 00564 ProSeries thread snips can help. They are the perfect option when it comes to cheap must-have supplies for sewing enthusiasts. They’re designed specifically for cutting thread, so they make neat, sharp cuts without catching or snagging. The fine-tip blades allow you to reach into tight corners, and the unique handle shape enables easy maneuvering. With their rubber-coated handles, these snips are comfortable to hold.

SINGER 2 Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Sewing Enthusiasts

5. Sewing Machine Carrying Case

Planning to transport your sewing machine to a sewing party or a vacation rental? This carrying case from Elly Sily can help. It’s designed with sturdy fabric and reinforced stitching, so it holds the weight of your machine with ease. The full zipper enables you to insert and remove the sewing machine without damaging small components, and the padded handles help you carry the load comfortably. In transit or in storage, this case keeps dust and spills away from your machine’s delicate inner workings.

Elly Sily Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Sewing Enthusiasts

6. WA Portman Rotary Cutter and Quilting Ruler Set

Tackle precise cuts with ease using this WA Portman rotary cutter set. It includes a cutter and five extra blades, giving you the power to get through large projects without stopping to get a replacement. This set also comes with a clear quilting ruler that makes it easy to make accurate measurements and angles. We love the black and yellow grid, which ensures excellent visibility on all colors and prints. This affordable set is a great choice for sewing, quilting, and other fabric crafts.

WA Portman Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Sewing Enthusiasts

7. GloryMM Transfer Tool Knitting Machine Needles

Are you planning to work with a knitting machine? This set of knitting needles from GloryMM can get you started. These affordable needles come in a standard gauge, so you can use them with everything from standard yarn to wool yarn. The easy-to-use design is ideal for beginners, and the durable materials allow you to power through a variety of projects.

GloryMM Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Sewing Enthusiasts

8. Mix Vogue Knitting Storage Bag

Corral your small knitting and sewing supplies in this Mix Vogue storage bag. It’s designed in a cylindrical shape that fits skeins of yarn in a variety of shapes. Interior padding keeps your supplies safe, and the side pockets provide room for accessories. Sling it over your shoulder using the long strap, or carry it by the top handle; the zip-top keeps your supplies in place.

Mix Vogue Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Sewing Enthusiasts

9. Fabric Marking Pencil Organizer

Keep track of your projects in this 2020 organizer, which is one of the more affordable must-have supplies for sewing enthusiasts. The front cover features an image of a fabric marking pencil, so it fits right into your sewing space. Inside, you’ll find 110 pages and a 2020 calendar; each page gives you plenty of space to plan out sewing tasks or make notes about the skills you’re developing. Keep it near your sewing space, or use it to bring a bit of crafting fun to your office or school desk.

Molly Elodie Rose Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Sewing Enthusiasts

10. TOMSOO Dimmable Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp

Sewing requires a great deal of detail work — which means that if you’re working in a dark area, it can be difficult to see your workspace. That’s where this handy TOMSOO desk lamp comes in. The LED light brightens your sewing table, making it easy to sew straight seams and do finishing work efficiently. When you need a close-up view, bend the flexible base and use the built-in magnifying glass. The five-diopter lens gives you a 195-percent zoom, all without distorting the image. We love that the lamp is dimmable, so you can customize it to fit any work area.

TOMSOO Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Sewing Enthusiasts

Whether you’re buying a gift for yourself or a sewing friend, these products are a great place to start. By investing in must-have supplies for sewing enthusiasts, you can create a more efficient and productive work area.


By BCR Staff

November 2019