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Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Scrapbookers

If you love to put together collections of memories and special moments, a scrapbook is the perfect option — and that’s where our top 10 list of must-have supplies for scrapbookers come in. These supplies help you design customized pages, so you can put a special spin on each event. From basics, such as card stock, to decorative items including ribbon, the right supplies can take your designs from good to great. Whether you’re new to scrapbooking or you’ve been doing it for years, these 10 products are a great addition to your supplies. The best part? You’ll use them again and again, even as your skills grow.

1. The Scrapbooker’s Handbook

When you’re designing scrapbook pages, you might need layout ideas. That’s where The Scrapbooker’s Handbook comes in. This is a special issue that includes more than 150 different tips and inspiration images for designing creative pages. We love the full-color images and pages, which help you see all of the possibilities. It’s particularly great if you’re new to scrapbooking — it’s a fantastic resource that you can come back to over and over again. With 130 pages, you’ll have plenty to flip through.

Jennifer Shaerer Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Scrapbookers

2. Fiskars 197500-1002 Tag Maker

This Fiskars tag maker is small but mighty. Using it is simple — just pop in a piece of cardstock or decorative paper and push the handle down to cut out the tag. Then, use the integrated eyelet setter to fasten a metal ring around the outside edge. That way, you can slip a piece of ribbon or twine through the hole without tearing the tag. With this compact tool, you can design custom tags to accent your scrapbook pages. Plus, it does double duty during the holidays and for other craft projects.

Fiskars Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Scrapbookers

3. Miukada Multipurpose Sewing Clips

As you’re putting together different parts of a scrapbooking page, there comes a time when you need to connect different pieces — after all, layering is a popular aesthetic in scrapbooks. While you’re waiting for glue to dry, these Miukada multipurpose clips can come in handy. They’re tiny yet powerful, so they can hold together stacks of embellishments or paper layers with ease. The lightweight plastic is easy to maneuver, so you can open and close these clips with ease.

Miukada Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Scrapbookers

4. We R Memory Keepers Photo Sleeves

When you want to protect delicate scrapbook pages or pages that contain vintage photos, these photo sleeves from We R Memory Keepers can help. These are the best must-have supplies for scrapbookers, and for good reason. They’re made from acid-free plastic, so you can slip your pages inside. The crystal-clear material is glare-proof, allowing you to see every detail of every page. Plus, with the reinforced edges, these pages are designed to last — even when you turn them frequently. With 100 per set, you’re covered for multiple projects.

We R Memory Keepers Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Scrapbookers

5. White Cardstock

This white card stock from Clear Path Paper is one of the top must-have supplies for scrapbookers. With this paper, it’s all about the basics. Each sheet measures 12 inches square — the perfect size to fit into a standard scrapbook binder or album. They come in a solid white color, making it easy to transform the page into any style you want. These sheets are free of lignin and acid, which means that they’re less likely to degrade over the years.

Clear Path Paper Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Scrapbookers

6. Scrapbook Album

Have you ever wished you could make a scrapbook while you travel? With this Scrapbook album, you can. Inside, you’ll find 10 sheets of cardstock, held in place with a three-ring binder. Need more space? There’s plenty of room for you to add extra pages. Each page is thick and sturdy, so you can add mementos from your travels. The paper is also easy to draw on in case you want to make sketches during the trip. On the exterior, this album is covered with a leather cover that’s embossed with a map of the world.

ZEEYUAN Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Scrapbookers

7. Ninico 30 Rolls Washi Tape Set

Fun and colorful, this set of 30 rolls of Washi tape from Ninico is one of the affordable must-have supplies for scrapbookers. Each of these rolls comes in a vibrant solid color or a cheerful pattern, making it the perfect way to brighten up a scrapbook page. We love that this tape isn’t damaging or toxic, so you can apply it to your photos or pages without damaging them. The tape removes without leaving residue, which is helpful when you need to redesign a page.

Ninico Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Scrapbookers

8. Craftopia Magnetic Adhesive Sheets

Create scrapbook pages or elements that double as magnets with the help of these magnetic sheets from Craftopia. Each one measures 8 inches by 10 inches, so it’s the perfect photo-friendly size. Using these sheets is easy — just peel back the sheet. Underneath, there’s an adhesive that sticks firmly to your page base. With 25 pages per pack, this set gives you plenty of room for creative design.

Craftopia Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Scrapbookers

9. Christmas Curling Ribbon

When the holidays roll around, colorful accents are a must for your scrapbook pages. That’s why we love this Christmas curling ribbon. This three-pack features a red and white strip, a shiny silver, and a “Merry Christmas” ribbon, so you can add a burst of festive fun to any layout. In fact, when it comes to cheap must-have supplies for scrapbookers, it’s hard to beat this one. Each roll has 300 feet of ribbon, giving you plenty of room to play. Don’t need the full roll? Use it for gift wrapping, decorating, and other craft projects.

Gift Boutique Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Scrapbookers

10. Crafty Croc Gel Pens

Decorate your scrapbook pages with drawings and text using this pack of Crafty Croc gel pens. With 96 different colors, it’s a breeze to find the perfect shade for any layout. Each pen uses a gel ink that creates smooth, flowing lines. Plus, since each one is designed to prevent leaks and smears, these pens keep your scrap-booking area neat and clean.

Crafty Croc Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Scrapbookers
Scrapbooking is a fun way to collect special memories and chronicle the moments of your life. By stocking up on the must-have supplies for scrapbookers, you can design pages that make any event into a special occasion.


By BCR Staff

November 2019