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Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Leathercrafters

In this review, we will take a look at 10 of the top must-have supplies for leathercrafters.

Durable and attractive, leather is the perfect material for a wide variety of crafts — but first, you need to stock up on must-have supplies for leathercrafters. Since leather is thicker than fabric, it requires special tools for cutting, punching, sewing, and more. With the right tools, you can make anything from leather jewelry to leather-covered books and journals. The trick? Finding the supplies that are right for your skill level, your planned projects, and your budget. That way, you can avoid waste and gather everything you need to create beautiful crafts. To give you an idea of where to start, we’ve gathered 10 different kits, each made with a variety of excellent leather working tools.

1. Dorhui 194 Pieces Leather Working Tools

Are you ready to get serious about leather crafts? This Dorhui set has you covered. It comes with 194 different pieces, so it offers everything you need. The variety of fasteners are perfect for everything from bracelets to book covers and with the included hammer, you can attach our own rivets and snaps. This set also includes tools for detailing, such as stamps, chisels, edge creasers, cutters, and more. Leather scissors slice through thick materials, and awls enable you to punch perfect holes.

Dorhui Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Leathercrafters

2. SIMPZIA Leather Working Tools

Tackle a range of leather crafts with this SIMPZIA tool kit. With its wide range of standard tools, you can cut pieces and fasten them together by sewing or attaching fasteners. Worried about damaging your work surface? This kit also comes with a cutting mat for protection. Use the included wire and stamp set to create beautiful jewelry, and rely on the perforating tools to punch a neat row of holes.

SIMPZIA Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Leathercrafters

3. Electop 31-Piece Leather Sewing Tools

When you’re just getting started with leather crafts, this Electop set gives you just the right number of supplies. It’s packed with the basics, including an awl, groover, glue tools, slicker burnishes, and more. You’ll also enjoy the selection of leather sewing supplies, including curved needles, straight needles, waxed thread, and a measuring tape. When it comes to cheap must-have supplies for leathercrafters, you can’t beat this kit.

Electop Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Leathercrafters

4. 273-Piece Leather Working Tools and Supplies

Packed with 273 different items, this BAGERLA kit is loaded with the best must-have supplies for leathercrafters. With sewing supplies like stitching wheels, needles, and awls, you can make beautiful wallets and slippers. The leather stamp set makes it easy to emboss your crafts. There are also a variety of useful tools, including a swivel knife, scissors, pliers, files, and more. With the rivets kit, you can fasten thick pieces together securely. Everything fits into the included storage box, so you can keep it safe and organized.

BAGERLA Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Leathercrafters

5. Leather Tools SIMPZIA

As you’re building your leather skills, this SIMPZIA kit can help you do more. Although it’s affordable, it comes with all of the top must-have supplies for leathercrafters, including sewing rollers, awls, cutters, and more. There’s also an entire stamp kit; it’s perfect for decorating your crafts with images ranging from butterflies to flowers. Use the diamond hole punch to create perfect lines of stitching, and rely on the stitching groover to create stick-straight grooves.

SIMPZIA 2 Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Leathercrafters

6. Caydo 59-Piece Leather Working Tools Kit

Make everything from saddles to leather necklaces with this 59-piece kit from Caydo. It’s packed with all of the practical tools you need for a huge range of project options. Use the prong punch to drive crisp holes into the leather, and use the stitching groover to create smooth guides for sewing. There are also sewing needles, waxed sewing thread that’s ideal for sewing leather, a tape measure, and more. Once you’ve completed a project, finish it using the stamp kit.

Caydo Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Leathercrafters

7. Caydo Leather Craft Tools Kit

When you want to expand your repertoire of leather projects, this Caydo kit helps you get there. The fun starts with the cutting mat, which protects your table or work surface. Use the awl, perforating roller, and punches to drive holes through even the thickest material, and rely on the durable thread for easy sewing. You’ll also get a variety of tools for shaping and grooving your pieces. With the included box, it’s a breeze to store all of the supplies in one clutter-free spot.

Caydo 2 Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Leathercrafters

8. BIGTEDDY Leather Craft Basic Stitching Sewing Hand Tool Set

Whether you’re thinking about sewing a leather purse or doing basic leather projects, this BIGTEDDY kit gives you the things you need. It comes with a variety of affordable must-have supplies for leathercrafters, including a saddle groover. Use the edge groover to create perfect guides, and use the hole punches to create neat, even lines of stitching holes. Once that’s completed, the included needles and waxed thread enable you to sew together your pieces. With both curved and straight needles, you can work with leather in varying thicknesses.

BIGTEDDY Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Leathercrafters

9. 44-Piece Leathercraft Basic Tools Kit

Packed with basic tools and supplies, this Amon Tech tool kit is the perfect way to get started in the world of leatherworking. It all starts with the cutting mat, which allows you to cut pieces without damaging your tabletop. The included rivets and snaps are easy to install with the mallet, and the awl and groover make for easy stitching. That’s not all — this kit comes with a wax line, latex finger, wire, polishing rods, and more.

Amon Tech Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Leathercrafters

10. Monster Leathercraft Tools Set

Most leather projects require you to punch at least one hole through the material. That’s where this affordable four-piece tool set can come in handy. It comes with four different punching tools, each made from high-strength steel that drives easily through even the thickest leather. The rhombus-shaped prongs create easy-thread holes for stitching with leather or waxed thread. Use the one-prong punch for single holes, or use the six-prong punch to create perfectly spaced holes for lines of stitching.

Monster Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Leathercrafters
Leather is a satisfying and attractive material to work with — as long as you have the correct tools. By stocking up on these must-have supplies for leathercrafters, you can be prepared for a wide range of projects.


By BCR Staff

November 2019