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Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Crocheters

In this review, we will feature the top 10 best supplies for crochet enthusiasts to add to their collections.

Although only a hook and yarn are required in order to crochet, having some or even all of these must-have supplies for crocheters could make a crocheting session more pleasurable and productive. This list includes cheap storage and organization items that keep a pattern, yarn, hook, and notions all in one place. The list also includes helpful tools for fixing mistakes and keeping track of one’s place in a pattern. Crocheting for a long time can make the hands ache, and this list also includes some helpful items for people with arthritis, hand fatigue, and other conditions. Anyone looking for a gift for a crocheter in their life would do well to choose a few of these items.

1. Yarn Bowl for Crochet by Laborwood

Crocheters know that tugging on the cake or ball of yarn often causes it to fall onto the floor, collecting hair, dust, and dirt as it rolls along the surface. This yarn bowl by Laborwood stops that problem, making it one of the affordable must-have supplies for crocheters. The bowl is made of European ash and has a smooth finish. The swirl and hole make it easy to feed the yarn through. The hole can also accommodate the hook. This bowl measures seven inches in diameter by four inches tall.

Laborwood Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Crocheters

2. BeCraftee Best Yarn Bag

Another one of the best must-have supplies for crocheters is this cheap BeCraftee yarn bag. It features a removable nylon strap that is long enough to sling over the shoulder. It also has a shorter nylon strap for hand-carrying. This bag has a slit in the top for feeding the yarn through, keeping the rest of it clean and free of tangles. The bag also includes a pouch for keeping notions organized. The exterior is made of durable, waterproof fabric.

BeCraftee Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Crocheters

3. Clover Deep Blue Amour Crochet Hook

Among the cheap must-have supplies for crocheters is this Clover H crochet hook. The hook’s tip is made of smooth stainless steel, making it a good choice for textured, fuzzy or 100 percent wool yarns. It is the ideal size for using with worsted or Aran weight yarns. The ergonomic handle makes it easier to hold onto for extended sessions of crocheting. The handle’s smooth surface and slight cushioning make it comfortable for people with arthritis or hand fatigue.

CLOVER Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Crocheters

4. Teamoy Tunisian Crochet Hook Organizer Bag

Also in the list of the top must-have supplies for crocheters is this Teamoy Tunisian crochet hook organizer. It fits Tunisian crochet hooks that are up to 14 inches in length. The elastic slots keep the hooks in place, even if the bag gets tossed around while traveling. There are 27 slots for holding hooks of all types. The affordable bag also has a zippered pouch for small notions, scissors or stitch markers. The bag folds open and ties shut with a ribbon.

Teamoy Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Crocheters

5. Damero Crochet Hooks Set

Get everything necessary for crocheting with this cheap Damero crochet hooks set. It features a set of nine crochet hooks with ergonomic handles. Each hook fits into an elastic slot on one side of the zippered pouch. The kit also comes with locking stitch markers, a tape measure, sewing needles, a row counter, hook gauge, and stitch holders. The organizer has a mesh pouch for preventing the little notions from falling out when the zipper is opened.

Damero Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Crocheters

6. Teamoy Organizer Case for Crochet Hooks

This convenient, inexpensive Teamoy organizer case for crochet hooks has two zippered sections. There are elastic slots inside for holding crochet hooks of a variety of sizes. Padding on the interior prevents the metal hook tips from poking through. There is also a compartment for keeping notions inside. This organizer can also accommodate circular, double-pointed or straight knitting needles, making it a great option for a crocheter who also knits once in a while. The case is lightweight and can be wiped clean.

Teamoy 2 Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Crocheters

7. Key Chain Aluminum Crochet Hooks

Leaving the house only to realize that the crochet hook escaped from the work in progress is a frustrating experience. With this set of affordable key chain aluminum crochet hooks, a crocheter will never have to worry about an errant hook. The keyring can attach to a yarn bag or to a set of keys. The three crochet hooks are sizes F, G, and H, which work with double knitting and worsted weight yarns. Each keyring also includes a pretty yarn-themed charm.

WooCrafts Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Crocheters

8. Yarn Mania Light Up Crochet Hooks

Long car rides will never have to be boring again thanks to this set of inexpensive Yarn Mania lighted crochet hooks. This is a set of nine interchangeable crochet hooks that work with a battery-powered LED. They make it possible to see the stitches and hook when crocheting in the dark. This makes it easy to crochet without disturbing others in a movie theater or as a passenger when riding in a plane or car. This is also a great set to have on hand for camping and power outages. All of the parts come in a convenient, lightweight case.

Yarn Mania Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Crocheters

9. Teamoy Ergonomic Crochet Hooks Set

Get an extra set of crochet essentials with this low-cost Teamoy ergonomic crochet hooks set. It has nine ergonomic crochet hooks labeled with the US and metric sizes. The hook tips are made of stainless steel, allowing them to easily slide through the stitches. This kit also includes a row counter, hook gauge, ruler, tape measure, stitch holders, cable needles, sewing needles and locking stitch markers. Everything is packed into a pretty carrying case with a zipper.

Teamoy 3 Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Crocheters

10. Crochet Hooks Set

This 24-piece crochet hooks set features ergonomically-designed hooks that are easy to hold for hours of crocheting. The hook tips are made of stainless steel, which allows them to glide through the rough or textured yarn with ease. The set also includes several plastic locking stitch markers and a trio of stainless steel, wide-eyed sewing needles for weaving in the ends of yarn, making it one of the must-have supplies for crocheters.

Ma SKY Top 10 Best Must-have Supplies For Crocheters



By BCR Staff

November 2019