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Top 10 Best Artists Easels

When you’re setting up a home art area or a professional studio, one of these top 10 artists easels are a must. These stable units are engineered for one purpose: to hold your paper or canvas in a convenient position for painting. The easel you choose depends on the media you’re using and the places you want to paint. If you’re a casual at-home artist, you might opt for a tabletop model; if you’re planning to get out in the field, you might want a portable standing easel. No matter what type you choose, it’s important to consider the size of the canvases you want to work with, the amount of portability you require, and the style you prefer.

1. MEEDEN Large Painter’s Easel

Work with a wide range of canvas sizes using this MEEDEN painter’s easel. It’s one of the top artists easels on the market, due in part to its flexibility. The frame supports canvases up to 48 inches, giving you the freedom to explore different sizes. The classic tripod shape creates excellent stability, so you can paint or draw without excess movement. Plus, since it’s crafted from solid beech wood, this easel can support heavier art boards. A large ledge keeps your paints and tools close at hand, and the frame collapses for easy transport.

Meeden Top 10 Best Artists Easels

2. T-SIGN Reinforced Artist Easel Stand

Looking for an easel that does double duty as a sign holder? This T-SIGN stand is the perfect choice. When it comes to cheap artists easels, this model comes out on top — it’s made from durable aluminum, which is tough enough to support up to 25 pounds but light enough to carry in one hand. The frame collapses down to a compact unit for easy transportation in the included bag. Use the adjustable legs to create an even installation on rough ground.

T-SIGN Top 10 Best Artists Easels

3. TANGKULA H-Frame Easel

If you like to work with large canvases, this TANGKULA easel has your back. It all starts with the H-frame shape, which creates a stable support system for over-sized canvases; in fact, you can use it for pieces up to 45.5-inches tall. The back adjusts in a 90-degree range, so you can paint upright, on an angle, or laying flat. The durable wood construction is tough and long lasting, making it a great choice for a busy studio setting.

TANGKULA Top 10 Best Artists Easels

4. Ohuhu Artist Easel

Planning to head out into the field to paint landscapes? This Ohuhu easel is a handy tool to have in your collection. It’s crafted with a sturdy aluminum frame that collapses down into a convenient carrying size. When you reach your destination, expand the legs to the perfect height and rely on the easy-turn knobs for a secure hold. A built-in ledge holds your canvas comfortably while you work.

Ohuhu Top 10 Best Artists Easels

5. US Art Supply Master Wood Floor Easel

When it comes to large-scale easels, it’s hard to beat this model from US Art Supply. With its large H-shaped frame, this easel holds canvases up to 77-inches high; that way, you can tackle enormous works of art in complete comfort. The adjustable back rotates from standing straight to laying flat, giving you the freedom to select the most comfortable working angle for any piece. Made from beech-wood and finished with an oil coating, this easel is built to last.

US Art Supply Top 10 Best Artists Easels

6. Jack Richeson Lyptus Wood “Dulce” Easel

Beautiful and simple, this Jack Richeson Dulce model is one of the best artists easels on the market. It starts with the huge H-frame, which features an adjustable top that accommodates paintings as tall as 7 feet. At 24-inches deep, the base creates a stable foundation — a must if you’re a painter who works with energy. Best of all, with its Lyptus hardwood construction, this easel is engineered for durability and strength.

Jack Richeson Top 10 Best Artists Easels

7. Soho Urban Artist Sketch Box and Table Artist Easel

When it comes to affordable artists easels, this Soho Urban model is one of the best. This unique easel folds down into a suitcase-shaped carrying case, complete with a top handle. When you’re ready to paint, simply open the latch and flip up the easel for an instant work space. The interior holds paints and brushes, and a slide-out hook adjusts to fit your canvas.

Creative Mark Top 10 Best Artists Easels

8. Artist Quality French Easel

Feel like a professional when you have this Artist Quality French easel. With three legs, a built-in table top, and space to store your art supplies, this unit is a self-contained studio. The legs are adjustable, so you can create a flat painting surface on the grass or uneven terrain. Between uses, each piece folds in to form a compact box; the included shoulder strap and leather handle allow easy transportation.

French Easels Top 10 Best Artists Easels

9. US Art Supply Adjustable H-Frame Artist Easel

If you need an affordable way to set up your home studio, head straight for this US Art Supply easel. The classic H-frame provides a stable spot for canvases up to 48-inches high, and the freestanding design turns any open space into an art area. Use the adjustable angle to accommodate your painting style, and rely on the beech-wood construction for durability.

US Art Supply 2 Top 10 Best Artists Easels

10. Marble Field Adjustable Wooden Tripod Easel

Break out your paint supplies in any location with the help of this Marble Field tripod easel. With its fold-flat design, this easel is engineered for portability. The included ledge holds your supplies in easy reach, and the integrated ratchet adjusts to fit your canvas. Change the height of the center column in seconds using the handy trigger mechanism. This easel comes in black, so it looks sleek and professional.

Marble Field Top 10 Best Artists Easels
A durable, lightweight easel gives you the freedom to set up an art area wherever and whenever the muse moves you. By selecting artists easels that match your space and your artistic style, you can get the most from this essential tool.


By BCR Staff

November 2019