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30 Great Voluntourism Adventures

What’s better than traveling? How about making a difference while traveling! Each year, thousands of people of all ages trek near and far to take part in what has become known as voluntourism — that is, volunteering while visiting a new city or country. These voluntourists help serve local populations through projects relating to childcare, building construction, education, conservation, and even archaeology! But with so many voluntourism opportunities worldwide, and so many companies promising to connect eager participants with worthy organizations, it can be a challenge to find exactly the right program for you.

That’s where Best Choice Reviews comes in. We scoured hundreds of projects offered by a variety of voluntourism companies throughout North America and Europe to find the best voluntourism projects. We considered myriad factors, including the reputation of the organizing company, total costs involved, time spent volunteering vs. free time allowed for sightseeing, and commitment length, among other things. Ultimately, we were able to narrow our list down to these 30 great voluntourism adventures.

1. Become a WWOOFer and Work on an Organic Farm


If working on a farm appeals to you, check out the opportunities listed on the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) website. The website links potential WWOOFers with owners of organic farms around the world. Joining an adventure is as simple as choosing your desired location and length of experience. On most farms, owners work right alongside their workers. This means WWOOFing can be great for someone looking to glean first-hand knowledge about what it takes to run an organic farm. WWOOFers usually receive free room and board while they are working, and in some cases, also receive a stipend.

2. Dig Your Way Through an Archaeology Project

Romania and Peru

Projects Abroad is a successful volunteer program that has placed more than 100,000 travelers in unique voluntourism adventures around the world. They currently offer two different archaeology adventures: one in Peru and one in the Eastern European country of Romania. Both adventures can be arranged in time increments from one to two weeks. They offer voluntourists the chance to work with experienced archaeologists to uncover and preserve ancient sites. Interestingly, Projects Abroad also offers the same two adventures exclusively for teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18.

3. Rebuild Schools Damaged by Earthquakes


In April 2015, a series of devastating earthquakes wreaked havoc on the tiny country of Nepal. Thousands of buildings were destroyed, including myriad schools. Projects Abroad offers voluntourists the opportunity to go to Kathmandu to help rebuild the schools which provide students with a safe place to learn. Adventures can be arranged from one week all the way up to a year.

4. Help at an Animal Shelter in South America


Animal lovers are sure to be interested in this unique voluntourism adventure offered by Projects Abroad! Because few communities in Argentina have basic animal rights laws in place, the country’s shelters are often full and understaffed, while thousands of other dogs and cats wander the cities as strays. Projects Abroad volunteers work closely with local shelters and veterinarians to care for animals who have experienced abandonment, illness, injury, neglect, and cruelty. Volunteers can commit to projects lasting one week to one year. They live in the town of Cordoba with a local host family.   

5. Volunteer at an Equine Therapy Center in Africa

South Africa

Projects Abroad offers a one-of-a-kind voluntourism adventure that allows volunteers to immerse themselves in South African culture while working with horses. Volunteers team up with a local equine therapy center to help care for horses and run riding sessions for children with social, mental, or physical deficiencies. As part of their rehabilitation process, these children spend time in instructed riding classes to help improve their self esteem, mobility, and overall independence. Commitment times for volunteers vary, but start at a minimum of four weeks. Volunteers live with host families in and around Cape Town. 

6. Teach English to Children in China


Voluntourism adventures like this one provide volunteers with a bevy of benefits. Volunteers provide children in China a strong educational foundation by teaching them English. Volunteers themselves gain valuable experience working with children in a classroom environment. Volunteers are assigned to a Chinese kindergarten, grammar school, or special needs center, where days will be spent teaching English and developing fun educational games and activities. Shared accommodations are provided for all volunteers, and free time can be spent enjoying the surrounding region. 

7. Spend Time With Children

Cambodia, Madagascar, Thailand, Vietnam, Tanzania, Romania, and more

If spending time with children is what you envision your voluntourism experience to entail, then this adventure offered by Projects Abroad may be just what you’re looking for. Volunteers spend their days working in a kindergarten or daycare center for children from disadvantaged areas. Days are spent caring for young children, organizing games, and generally supporting the safe care of children. Volunteers can choose to take on this childcare project in a variety of countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe.  

8. Help Protect the Rothschild Giraffe in Kenya


Kenya’s elegant Rothschild Giraffe is endangered. Only a few thousand remain living in the wild. Thanks to Projects Abroad, aspiring conservationists can travel to Kenya to work closely with the Soysambu Conservancy, an organization committed to closely monitoring the giraffes in order to save the species. Volunteers live in the conservancy itself, and work with experienced scientists and conservationists. Tasks include monitoring herds, removing potentially dangerous plants from the landscape, and even building watering holes for the local wildlife.  

9. Do Conservation Work in the Galapagos Islands


If we caught your attention with conservation, then consider this voluntourism adventure also offered by Projects Abroad. Volunteers spend time working closely with scientists and conservationists at Galapagos National Park in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. These islands are world famous for their incredible biodiversity, a diversity that has become threatened in recent years due to invasive species and human impact. Volunteers will spend their days conducting wildlife surveys, caring for Giant Tortoises, planting trees, and more. Projects Abroad remains the only volunteer organization allowed to work within the park, making this conservation-themed voluntourism adventure quite the experience.    

10. Help Protect Marine Life in Thailand


It’s one thing to scuba dive in beautiful Thailand. It’s another thing altogether to scuba dive in Thailand while helping local conservation efforts. Projects Abroad’s Marine Conservation Project allows budding marine conservationists to work closely with those dedicated to preserving Thailand’s fragile marine ecosystem. Volunteers spend the first week of their adventure learning to scuba dive and earning their PADI diving certificate. Subsequent weeks are spent:

  • conducting underwater surveys
  • taking part in coral propagation initiatives
  • planting mangrove forests.

Volunteers work mostly in Ao Nang, where they live with other volunteers in comfortable bungalows. Free time can be spent enjoying the region’s stunning beaches, trekking to nearby islands, and experiencing all that Thailand has to offer.    

11. Rainforest Conservation in Madagascar


Madagascar remains one of the world’s few natural paradises. Indeed, 90% of the country’s animal species and 89% of its plant species are endemic to Madagascar. They’re not naturally found anywhere else in the world. Of course, such a lush and wildlife-populated environment needs protecting. This is where the voluntourists of Projects Abroad’s Rainforest Conservation program come in. Volunteers work with local conservationists to:

  • remove trash from wildlife-populated areas
  • collect data
  • organize community initiatives focused on sustainable living.  

12. Play a Vital Role in the Conservation of Sharks


Sharks are one of the most endangered species on Earth, but voluntourists can travel to Fiji with Projects Abroad to help save them. This project teams up with conservationists and marine biologists from Project AWARE and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). This allows those wanting to help save sharks to do so in a safe manner. Volunteers begin their project commitment by becoming certified in scuba diving. They then take on such tasks as feeding, identifying, and tagging sharks. Accommodations are based near Fiji’s Pacific Harbour and are shared with other shark-loving volunteers. 

13. Teach Elementary School in Africa


Accra, Ghana is a challenging place to be a young person desiring an education. Buildings acting as schools are often unsafe, while the classes themselves are usually overcrowded but with very few materials and supplies. No wonder 40% of Accra’s student-aged population have dropped out. And we haven’t even mentioned the malnutrition that so heavily affects children both in and out of school. If such statistics bother you, perhaps you’d be interested in Ubelong’s program through which voluntourists can travel to Ghana to help out in elementary schools. Volunteers live and work in and around Accra, then spend their days bringing energy and knowledge to Ghana’s youngest citizens. 

14. Care for the Elderly in Peru


In this program offered by Ubelong, volunteers can head to Peru to help care for another at-risk population: the elderly. Voluntourists stay in Cusco, where many of the country’s oldest citizens flee to escape the poverty stricken rural areas. Unfortunately, even the big city lacks many of the resources essential to caring for these elderly people. Ubelong volunteers work closely with local caregivers to provide Cusco’s elderly with emotional and social support.  

15. Teach English to Children in Mexico


Those voluntourists looking to gain some classroom experience while doing some good would do well to consider this program offered by Ubelong. Participating volunteers stay in the city of Merida, where education tends to lag behind other parts of Mexico. This program allows for volunteers to:

  • work in classrooms
  • study one-on-one with kids
  • organize educational games
  • create lesson plans
  • provide energy and a global perspective to Merida’s school children.

16. Take Part in the Reforestation of an Urban Environment


Our list of great voluntourism adventures is chock full of conservation programs, most of which have to do with the protection of animals. This program offered by Ubelong, however, deals with the reforestation of the city of Merida, Mexico. While living in Merida, voluntourists taking part in this program will help out with a variety of local conservation efforts meant to bring back the Yucatan’s forests and educate the population on environmentally sustainable practices, among other things. 

17. Promote HIV/AIDS Awareness


HIV/AIDS is considered easily preventable here in the United States. But Africa and the Middle East still lag behind in basic understanding of prevention and treatment. In Morocco, a social stigma continues to surround HIV/AIDS, a stigma which in turn leads to higher rates of this preventable illness. Volunteers who sign up for this Ubelong program spend time living and working in the capital city of Rabat, where they spend 4-6 hours each day working alongside NGO workers. Tasks include:

  • providing HIV+ people with resources ranging from the financial to the emotional
  • organizing workshops to help HIV+ people understand treatment options
  • working to spread awareness of HIV prevention to healthy individuals
  • helping with office work. 

18. Help Out on an Organic Farm in the Middle East


The opportunity to safely live and work in the Middle East is, unfortunately, a rare one. But thanks to Volunteer World, voluntourists interested in spending time in Egypt can do so by committing to working on an organic farm. Volunteer World has teamed up with Habiba Organic Farm, a family-owned farm located in a safe coastal area near the cities of Taba and Dahab. Helpers are most needed during the busy autumn tomato planting season, and work days typically consist of six hours of:

  • sifting soil
  • planting
  • harvesting

On Fridays, volunteers can take a half day to visit Dahab’s vibrant Sheikh Salim Market. Other free times can be spent in Cairo, St. Catherine, or the world-class snorkeling region that is Sharm el Sheikh.  

19. Teach Sports to Kids in Rome


The wonderful thing about voluntourism is that there is something for good-hearted people with all sorts of interests, even sports! Volunteer HQ offers a one-of-a-kind voluntourism adventure in which sports-loving individuals can travel to Italy to teach soccer, rugby, or basketball to refugees and those with special needs. Volunteers must commit to a minimum of four weeks, during which time they’ll live and work in Italy’s capital city of Rome.  

20. Business and Community Development in Jamaica


Business-minded voluntourists are sure to fall in love with this unique opportunity offered by Volunteer HQ. Head to Jamaica where you’ll team up with local NGOs, charities, and businesses as a business mentor. Then use your business knowledge to help a local organization grow and succeed by offering guidance with:

  • planning
  • social media
  • IT skills
  • website design
  • bookkeeping

Volunteer HQ recommends this particular voluntourism adventure to self-driven individuals who have a business-related degree and/or applicable business experience. 

21. Help Run an After-School Program in Cape Town

South Africa

Keeping kids ages 10-16 off the streets and out of trouble is the primary goal of the Surf, Swim, and Skate project based in Cape Town, South Africa. Volunteers who sign up through Volunteer HQ will spend time living and working in the beautiful city of Cape Town. They’ll help out in this fun and popular after-school program by mentoring young children. They teach swimming, skating, or give surfing lessons. They also organize various other activities. This program is an incentive for its children, as only those who remain in school are allowed to participate in these fun activities. Volunteers who desire to learn to surf also have the opportunity of taking a weekly surf lesson. 

22. Support Efforts to Stop Child Labor in Africa


According to the government of the country of Ghana, nearly 30% of children ages 5 to 14 are working illegally. That’s more than one million children! This is due to a variety of factors and despite the fact that the minimum legal age for working in Ghana is 16. The voluntourism organization Ubelong has teamed up with various NGOs and government groups to help advocate for these children — who are often held in servitude to pay off their family’s debts — and raise awareness about children’s rights. Voluntourists participating in these efforts to stop child labor in Ghana live and work in a small fishing village just outside of Accra, where the presence of child workers is especially high.  

23. Help with Childcare in Cartagena


Life in Colombia is improving, thanks in small part to the various childcare initiatives popping up around the country and serving children ages newborn to 18. To help ease the workload of the busy local workers, Volunteer HQ runs a voluntourism program meant to assist these caregivers. Volunteers live and work in the beautiful city of Cartagena. They spend their days in various childcare centers (including one center specifically for children with cancer). They provide care and attention to children through lessons, story times, games, and even meals. 

24. Prepare for Carnaval!


Experiencing Carnaval in Brazil is on many people’s bucket lists, but this voluntourism adventure offered by Volunteer HQ allows voluntourists to experience Carnaval from an entirely new perspective. Head to Brazil in the weeks before Carnaval (which takes place 46 days before Easter). You’ll help with such preparations as making costumes, building floats, and choreographing dances and music, among other things. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert at dancing or sewing to take part. During their free time, volunteers can learn Portuguese and explore the local area. 

25. Help with Environmental Sustainability in New Orleans

Louisiana, USA

In many ways, New Orleans is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina and dealing with the overwhelming task of environmental sustainability. Voluntourists interested in issues relating to climate change, the environment, and urban sustainability are sure to find value in this project offered by Volunteer HQ. As a volunteer, you’ll live and work in the heart of New Orleans, where days will be spent:

  • working in community gardens and parks
  • restoring wetlands
  • working with local organizations on disaster management plans.

Volunteers are also left with plenty of free time to enjoy the city and surrounding areas.

26. Teach Kindergarten in South America


School children in Cusco, Peru face all sorts of challenges: few qualified teachers, overcrowded classrooms, unsafe buildings, and severe lack of materials and supplies. Voluntourists interested in education can join this Ubelong voluntourism adventure to assist in classrooms and schools that are severely lacking in resources. Daily tasks include:

  • working directly with students
  • mentoring teachers
  • organizing classrooms lessons and activities

Volunteers live together in housing located throughout the Cusco area. 

27. Teach Women Ages 20-50 in Kerala


We’ve included a number of child-centered teaching opportunities on our list of voluntourism adventures, but this one is a little bit different. Instead of teaching children, this Volunteer HQ program requires the teaching of women primarily aged 20-50. Volunteers in the Women’s Education Project will head to Kerala in India. They’ll work with women who are eager to learn English and develop basic skills. With the help of volunteers, these women are often able to promote their skills in things like tailoring and jewelry to make a small income and provide for a better future. 

28. Help with Food Outreach in Brussels


Belgium has wholeheartedly taken on the task of welcoming refugees and asylum seekers, and voluntourists interested in aiding this venture can help out in the area of food outreach. Volunteer HQ’s Food Outreach project connects those willing to help with various soup kitchens and community centers in the areas in and around Brussels. The main tasks of a volunteer include:

  • distributing sandwiches
  • serving breakfast to refugees waiting outside the immigration offices
  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • packing meals

Volunteers also get to interact with those receiving the meals, offering support and friendship.  

29. Assist at a Cat Shelter in Rome


Stay in Italy and work with cats? Sign us up! The Animal Care project at Volunteer HQ offers volunteers the opportunity to head to Rome, where they can work with local rescues and shelters to help protect the city’s hundreds of stray cats. Tasks will include:

  • assisting with medical treatment
  • playing with cats that have been abandoned to the streets
  • taking care of the shelter itself
  • promoting adoptions
  • helping with fundraising and social media initiatives.  

30. Assist at a Girls’ Shelter in South America


Children, especially girls, face myriad challenges growing up in Cusco, Peru. Many young girls are abandoned by poverty-stricken families, or are forced into working to pay off their family’s debts. As a result, illiteracy, illness, and malnutrition are prevalent among Cusco’s young female population. The voluntourism organization Ubelong has teamed up with Cusco-based girls’ shelters in order to provide much-needed support in the form of mentorship, English lessons, basic schooling, and consistent meals. 

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