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Top 10 Best Doll Houses

Regardless of age, gender, class or country, humans have been in love with doll houses for thousands of years. While the doll houses that are common today first became popular in the 16th century, the earliest known doll house was discovered in an Egyptian tomb known to be over five thousand years old. Over the centuries, our love for little houses has never wavered; after all, there’s something almost magical about the tiny rooms and even smaller pieces of furniture that spark the imagination and fill the heart with a sense of wonder. Here, we’ve listed the ten best doll houses that you’ll be sure to fall in love with, and they are all available on Amazon.

1. Fisher Price Loving Family Grand Doll House Super Set

Fisher Price Loving Family
Featuring full, elaborate furniture sets for each room and plenty of extra-special touches throughout, this Grand doll house is a dream come true for both the included family of four and the children who love them. Each of the eight extra-large rooms of this lovely Victorian home have been painted in bright, cheerful colors and are easily accessed through wide openings.

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2. KidKraft My Dreamy Doll House

kid kraft dreamy doll house
Large enough for several small children to enjoy at the same time, My Dreamy doll house features excellent design and quality materials that are built to last through years of loving play. A luxurious elevator effortlessly glides and transports dolls to each level of this cute mansion, which comes equipped with several pieces of interactive furniture such as a grand piano that plays music, a toilet that sounds like it flushes and a functional floor lamp.

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3. Hape Bamboo Sunshine Doll House

hape bamboo

Boasting modern design and bright, cheerful colors, the Bamboo Sunshine doll house embraces the concept of environmental awareness. The LED lights of this delightful little house are powered by a functional solar panel, and the entire structure is detailed with non-toxic finish and crafted from sustainable bamboo and birch plywood. Several fun pieces of furniture and a family of five dolls are included.

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4. KidKraft Wooden Modern Dream Glitter Doll House

kidkraft wooden modern glitter
Able to be enjoyed by several children at once and designed to accommodate popular dolls up to 12 inches tall, this vibrant and sparkling house is perfect for playtime with dolls that have already won your child’s heart! Fun interior design elements include a functional spiral staircase and gliding elevator, over 10 pieces of movable furniture, and even a shiny disco ball for spontaneous dance parties.

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5. Painted Lady Doll House by Real Good Toys

painted lady

Designed with older children and adults in mind, this stunning Queen Anne Victorian replicates the iconic beauty of the classic houses that line the streets of San Francisco. This beautiful home features five bay windows, up to nine rooms and carefully crafted wooden roof shingles. With spectacularly intricate decorative pieces engineered with an incredible attention to detail, all this unfinished kit requires to be a lovely home is your artistic touch.

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6. Wonderworld Eco-Friendly Modern House

wonderword eco friendly

Shipped in packaging made from at least 70% recycled paper, this cozy little house comes equipped with sleek modern furniture and is home to a set of three small dolls. Strictly crafted according to environmentally friendly guidelines, the Modern House is assembled from sustainable rubber wood, non-toxic dyes and paint and glue that is free of formaldehyde. With a pretty red brick facade and walls that open wide for easy access, this doll house will provide years of happy playtime.

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7. Plan Toy Chalet Doll House with Furniture

Plan Chalet
Built using organic, recycled rubber wood, this impressive doll house is actually made of two separate units that can be set up in several different ways. Open walls provide easy access from every side and the large, spacious design makes it easy for small groups of children to socialize and play. Along with colorful furniture, movable staircases stimulate the imagination and improve spatial reasoning.

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8. Teamson Pirate Boat Doll House with Furniture


A fun alternative to the traditional doll house, this high-quality pirate ship is ready to set sail for imaginative adventures! While proud pink sails and flags adorned with skulls ward off potential foes, two large doors open to reveal an exciting cabin complete with cannons and catapults. A loyal crew of wooden figurines stand guard and keep the ship in prime shape. This interesting doll house is crafted from high-quality and non-toxic materials under firm environmental and child safety regulations.

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9. Imaginarium Grandview Doll House


Featuring several large rooms, a one-car garage and a two quaint balconies, the remarkable details of the Grandview doll house sprawl across three tastefully decorated stories and a spacious attic. Adorned with trendy colors and modern furniture, this doll house is built for 12-inch dolls and scaled accordingly. This large doll house is perfect for siblings to share and will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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10. The House That Jack Built Doll House – Holly Ann by Melissa & Doug

melissa and doug

One of a fine line of well-made designs from Melissa & Doug, the Holly Ann features a host of charming little details sure to delight any doll house collector. The unusual floor plan, interesting widow’s walk and multiple porches make this house a delight to customize and enhance. Built to 1:12 scale with pieces crafted out of birch-faced cabinet grade plywood, this unfinished house is just waiting for you to help it become a cherished masterpiece.

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No matter how old you are, doll houses are nothing short of enchanting. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a child or a fun project for yourself, every doll house is built to hold wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.