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Photo Finished? The Rise of Smartphones Over Digital Cameras

Photo Finish: The Rise of Smartphones Over Digital Camera


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The Camera Review Editors at Best Choice Reviews decided to research the topic of:

Photo Finish: The Rise of Smartphones Over Digital Camera

A tsunami of Smartphone usage in 2013

According to a recent study by ABI research:

1. 1.4 billion: total number of the number of active smartphones, estimated, in use around the world by the end of 2013
2. 57: percentage of smartphone market held by Android
3. 21: percentage of the smartphone market claimed by iOS
4. Other key players expected to be Windows users, predicted at 45 million and Blackberry 10, 10 million users

Speaking of Android…

1. 55 percentage of smartphone owners in Japan are users vs. 39 percent for iOS
2. Android is number one in New Zealand (41 %), the U.S. (40 %), and China (38 %), but does not dominate in any other surveyed country except Argentina (33 percent vs. 18 % for Blackberry)

Fact: 52 % of Chinese respondents surveyed said they use a smartphone because they can use it “without being seen easily.” Same response in Egypt (43%), Mexico (41%) and Brazil (39%).

User Friendly

• 59 % of Chinese users shop from their phones, compared with only 41% in second-place Egypt.
• 41 percent of Chinese users also love to write reviews, primarily of local businesses after looking it up on their smartphone. In Japan only 24% of respondents do this.
• 50 % of North Americans, Americans and Canadians, use their phones to search for restaurants and bars.

They Don’t Leave Home Without It

80: percentage of U.S. smartphone owners who say they don’t leave home without their device—and one in three would even give up their TV before their mobile devices!”
Popularity Explosion:
6: Australia, U.K., Sweden, Norway, Saudi Arabia and UAE each have more than 50 percent of their population on smartphones,” according to Google Mobile Ads Group Product Marketing Manager Dai Pham.
7: number of additional countries—U.S., New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland—that now have greater than 40 percent smartphone penetration.

Most Popular Apps: GPS navigation topped instant messaging as an application. GPS usage leaders:
1. Finland (77%)
2. Sweden (75%)
3. Denmark (88%)
4. Brazil (68%)
5. Australia (66%)
6. Germany (57%)
7. Spain (56%)
8. US (54%)
9. UK (41%)

Second most popular App, Instant messaging

1. Brazil 68%)
2. China (67%)
3. Mexico (64%)
4. Canada (46%)
5. Italy, Spain, Netherlands, and Sweden (between 43%-to-48%)
6. US (40%)
7. France (38%)
8. Germany (34%)
9. The UK (26%)

Smart-in-Braille Phone is Coming before the end of 2013

Indian engineer Sumit Dagar is developing the world’s first smartphone for visually impaired people:
1. The phone’s screen contains pins which move to form Braille characters when an SMS or email is received
2. It uses Shape Memory Alloy technology which ensures pins contract back to their original position
3. The phone will retail for about $185
4. Phone does not have an official name, yet
5. Dagar, an interaction design graduate of India’s National Institute of Design, came up with the idea for the phone three years ago

Smartphones are destroying the sales of standalone digital cameras

27: percentage of pictures taken by Americans using a smartphone in 2011.
17: percentage of pictures taken using a smartphone in 2010.
20: percentage decrease in total global shipments of consumer digital still cameras predicted for 2013.
46: amount, in billions expected in sales by the digital camera industry through 2017.



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